Friday, April 22, 2011

Photo Friday Week 16: Growth


I have thought long and hard about this weeks Photo Friday challenge.  Probably the most thought I have put into one yet. I know, I know… I need to put LOTS of thought into ALL of them. But, for some reason this one was special to me from the moment I found out what it was.

The first thing that came to my mind when I read the theme for this week was Spiritual Growth. These past few weeks I have really been focusing on my relationship with God and growing myself spiritually. I have recently become involved in a really good church with great people, I have made friends with the preacher’s wife and I am trying to help get a Woman’s Ministry started for our church. I have also been trying to help my children grow spiritually as well. Like with Easter fast approaching, I want my boys to know that Easter is about God, not about chocolate bunnies and egg hunts. Those can be fun too, but not the main focus. But more than anything else I want Michael and I to grow together spiritually, to have a more God centered marriage. And so far we are doing pretty good!


You can head on over to Trina’s blog to see all the other great photos that show everyone's different perspective of this weeks them.

Next Week: Trees


  1. I LOVE this photo Tonja! So glad to know you are a mom that strives to teach your children the real meaning behind this Easter season. Happy Good Friday!

  2. Wonderful photo for the theme and good for you sharing with your children the Easter Story of the Infinite Atonement and Resurrection of Our Savior!

  3. AWESOME!!! Getting involved in ministry is so so important as we lead by example!! Happy Easter!

  4. Great photo and great example! You're setting a wonderful example for your family and friends! Happy Easter to you and your family!