Saturday, April 2, 2011

My Rustic-ish Living Room

Something lit a fire under me and now I want to make my house a home. Not only because I want to sell it in the sometime near future, but because when people walk into my house I want them to feel welcome.

First things first. I want to install hand scraped hardwood floors {well the manufactured kind of hand scraped hardwood floor} in the living room, entry hall and hallway. The ones I found are so pretty and would look amazing in here.

Before I do that though I need to repaint one wall and do some touch ups here and there. And don’t let me forget the fireplace doors. Gotta get rid of the gold!

And I am at a complete loss on how to pick out window treatments. *sigh*

Oh, I almost forgot… this weekend we are mounting the t.v above the fireplace. I am uber excited to be able to rearrange the living room to look more welcoming. And that means I will have my coffee table back.


I love the heads on our wall. They add the rustic touch that we want and we can brag about who’s antlers are bigger. It’s mine by the way… the one you see in the middle.

And if you look really close at the bottom corner of the couch, you can see where my dear sweet Baylee decided one day she wanted to use my couch as a raw hide.


Once the t.v is mounted above the fireplace I will have this whole wall to work with. I am not sure if the couch or the recliner is going here. One will be on the wall and the other will be going across the open space just to the right of where the t.v is at. And then where the couch is now there will be a table of some sort to hold pictures and add some color to the place.

Maybe I’ll even paint the beam and scrape the popcorn off the ceiling?!

And I’ll have my coffee table back!


I really like the idea of putting these frames around the two skull mounts. I can paint them any accent color I want and they actually look nice up there on the wall. I love it!


I know it’s not exactly what the frames look like, but this is kind of an idea on what I want to do. I just have not decided on a color yet.


Time to get to work!

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