Tuesday, February 5, 2013

identity crisis

I sit here typing and wondering who I am as a blogger?

What is my identity? 

What do I offer the bloggy world?

I read blogs and these people know who they are. They are decorators or photographers or crafters or travelers or the next June Cleaver. They have whole blogs built around who they are.  

I have been struggling with a concept for my blog. Which is sad because I have been blogging on and off for 4 years. Do I stick with the hodge podge type blog where I post about my life and everything in it? I really like my hodge podgy-ness. I really want a family blog where I document our lives for our family who lives out of state. So they can see m wonderful boys. Lately I have just been finding it harder and harder since my boys are either in school or at work with their dad. I also want to be able to post about the things that I like and that make me happy or sad or frustrated. 

And I really want a really cute, catchy blog name. 

Something that people will remember. 

Something that will stick. 

That is where I always run into my problems. 

I am not creative like that :(

I have tried and tried and nothing seems to jump out at me or scream 'that's it!'

So here I sit and will be pondering what is next for my blog.

From the layout to the name I want my blog to be great!

Thanks for listening to me whine a little today :)

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