Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Sunday Fun

We started out Easter Sunday by getting up and going to church. I have really come to enjoy getting up (and wearing somthing nicer than I usually do) and going to church. We have a really wonderful Sunday School class and I love our pastor. It is the part I look forward to most during the week. After church we headed over to our friends house ( I swear we live there half the time). We were only going to stay a short time but it ended up being all day!

Here is Tyler in his little suite. (I now know to take pictures before church)

This is Courtney!

We played in the rhino most of the day. The rain the day before made great spots to go muddin'!

Here is the kids after their Easter egg hunt. My son was very dissapointed that he did not get to hunt down and shoot the eater bunny. It was way too funny...

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  1. Oh my, hunt down and shoot the Easter bunny indeed. Mine might agree with that plan of action, as she's terrified of the Easter bunny!