Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Trust in the Lord

Today Michael called me and told me that Friday was more than likely his last day at work. Of course my first reaction is to panic... which I have been doing most of the day. But I have to remember that I am not the one in control (and I am a huge control freak). I trust in the Lord that he has a perfect plan for my family. Whether it be here starting our own company or somwhere else. We want to be where GOD wants us to be! I am doing my best not to worry... even though it is very hard... and let Him sort it all out.

And since we are out of a job I am needing to learn how to be super frugal super fast. When they cut his hours Michael kinda started a lawn care service and has been doing that after work... now he is going to be doing more of that to supplement the loss of income. The kids and I will be going on a walk around our neighborhood putting the flyers I created on peoples door hoping to get more business. Also I will be going through the house tomorrow rounding up things that we don'e need or use anymore for another garage sale. It gets me some extra cash and it gets rid of junk I don't need anymore.

If anyone has any super frugal tips I would love to know them!


  1. Are you shopping grocery sales with coupons? I use (not sure where you are located) but there are so many blogs these days that post good deals.

    And jump on the CVS/Walgreens train if you haven't already and have one in your area. You can lots of HBA things for super cheap with the rebates they offer.

  2. Gosh Tonja I am SO SORRY to hear this distressful news. You are right, God has a plan although that can be hard to remember when it doesn't go along with what our plan is! I will pray for seems like you are keeping a positive head on your shoulders.