Monday, April 13, 2009

Storm and tornado aftermath pics!

These pictures are from April 11th 2009 @ around 7pm

I am still in shock that an actual tornado touched down not too far from my house. Luckily it was a small tornado that did minimal damage, but the houses it did damage too were in the not so nice neighborhood and the houses don't seem to be constructed very well. *Note the aftermath photos are taken just south of my house in another subdivision.*

The day started out so pretty...

Here come the clouds...

This was right before the we saw the funnel cloud
We hung out in the garage the whole time cooking... how smart are we?!?

Golf Ball sized hail

Airplane hanger south of my house

This was a funny picture


  1. OMG I am so glad it didn't hit YOUR house! Were you home when it hit?

  2. We were at our friends house who live down the street. We saw the whole thing from their driveway. We just happend to be BBQ-ing at the time. It was very first tornado! It's kinda weird though b/c I live in west texas and a sign of severe weather this early is never good.

  3. Glad you were ok as well as the other BBQ guests. I was in a tornado when I was little. The sirens come on I bolt under the stairs.

  4. OMW So glad you all are safe! Tornados are so scary!