Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Help: Frugal Ideas Needed

Hello to all my fab frugal friends out there...

I have tried being frugal in the past and it has not worked out so here I am in desperate need of some help. With everything the way it is I am hoping someone can tell me the secret(s) on how to shop on a serious budget. I need to know how to plan out weekly meals that are somewhat healthy but won't break the bank.

And my most important dilema right now is storage for my kids clothes! Here are the pictures then I will explain...

All those clothes you see are clothes that my kids can still wear. (I need to put up winter clothes and all but there are not many of those.) The problem I am having is one dresser is about go in the trash because my son used it as a ladder and it fell over on top of him and broke it. They have another dresser but it isn't that great shape either.

I was wondering if anyone had any cute and inexpensive ideas on how I could store the kids clothes so they aren't all over the place and so they are easy to get too. A friend of mine suggested the wicker baskets under the bed and in the closet, but I am not sure!?!

Any help is welcomed :-) I will post more pics of the closet and room when they wake up from naptime.

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  1. My advice would be to start looking in the paper for garage or moving sales. You'd be surprised the amount of furniture you can find. Shop with an open mind, and since you are handy realize you can change things with paint or new drawer pulls. You might find a great piece like my friend did, a huge armoire for just ten bucks and it's solid wood not that particle board stuff. She had to paint and refinish but it's a great piece. You might also want to use Craig's List if you have one in your area.