Monday, April 6, 2009

Date Night and Family Visit

The weekend started out so wonderful! Our church held the monthly parents night out for 3 hours on Friday so we were able to drop the kids off for a much needed break. After we dropped the kids off we drove around for a little bit because we weren't sure what to do. We decided we were hungry and we decided to grab some mexican food. I was thinking outside the box and got somthing I had never had before: Chile Verde....and it was awsome! After dinner we still had lots of time so we decided to get a heath blizzard. Yummy! It was so nice to be able to talk and not be interrupted by screaming and crying. I can't wait for the next night out...were going to play miniture golf!

Saturday our cousin came to town so Michael could work on his welding machine and truck. It was so nice because I did not have to cook for entire day. And I played on the computer for most of the day. Twords the middle of the day I started feeling bad and it just got worse throughout the rest of the day. The worst part was Michael's mom came into town and we had to go over to his sisters house and spend time with her and the rest of his family. After that was all donw we came home and put the kids to bed...and boy did they need it. We ordered Body of Lies on PPV and tried to watch it and the movie wouldn't play so we spent the night watching Cheaters on WB. Gotta love a good reality show.

Sunday neither one of us felt good and decided to sleep in. We didnt even get out of bed till almost 10am. We made waffles and then lounged around till the kids went down for a nap...then took one ourselves. We did decide to get up and go buy some steaks for dinner. All in all I have to say that it was a good weekend. It's not very often we get to lounge around all day with Michael. We sure do love having him around....even if he is on the phone alot.

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  1. When did you change the header picture, love the photo of the two love birds!

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