Friday, July 3, 2009

Off to the park we go...

Wednesday I decided that I would take the kids to the park that's about a mile from the house... and I figured I could benefit from the exercise. I recently sold my double stroller in a garage sale because we didn't use it very often, and now I am wishing that I had something around with a little more room for the kids. It was a little cramped in our single stroller.

Once we got there, Jacob was ready to climb on everything.

No matter what I did I could not get Tyler to look at the camera.

The boys were more interested in the rocks and mud then actually playing with the toys.

We only stayed at the park about 20 minutes (it was a 20 minute walk there and a 20 min walk back) before we headed home to get ready to go to lunch with our cousins and then go to the poole for the afternoon. I think the boys had a good time and I can't wait to take them again!

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