Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Back from Mini Vacation

Last Friday Michael, the boys and I packed up and left for the 8 hour drive to Oklahoma City to visit my in-laws and sister in law and her family. I have to say that I don't so much enjoy the car trip, but I really enjoy seeing his family. I am really hoping that Michael will decide that we need to move to Arkansas soon because I would really love to live closer to his family. And on top of that Becca, my sister in law, announced that she is pregnant!!! Now I really have to move closer!

Our rainy road trip

Michael's shattered iPhone (and it still works)

Peaches that we made fresh homemade peach pie with

Pretty purple flowers on the trees in my in-laws backyard

Making homemade ice cream

A and Jacob playing with a worm they dug up

Be and Becca at the pool

Tyler and Be at the pool

And lastly, the escape artist frog!
And yes, I really mean escape artist! As we were driving down 277 North we saw a million frogs. Well I thought that A would love to have a frog. I had Michael pull over so I could catch 11pm lol. I had nothing to put him in so I stuck in my Whataburger bag thinking he would be safe. WRONG! When we got to Oklahoma City I pulled the bag out and the frog had chewed through the bag! I didn't even know they had teeth!? And worst of all, we couldn't find him. So after church Sunday I went to the back to get my purse out and guess who came hopping out?! Yep, it was the frog. He later escaped from the pool as well and we have not seen him since.

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