Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Poor Tyler :(

We have discovered that Tyler is extremely allergic to mosquito's! Not only does his bite swell, but the whole limb that gets the bit as well. We constantly keep the boy doused in bug spray but they still get him. Below are two pics of his poor little hand that had a bite on his pinkie knuckle. It's so sad because he will hardly even use it and all his poor little fingers are swollen.

UPDATE: I took Tyler to the Dr this morning and she said he is defiantly allergic to mosquitos. I have to keep him either doused in bug spray or indoors. I bought one of those little off looking fan things that you clip to your clothes to see if that helps. I just feel so bad for my little guy. I also have to keep an eye on him for further swelling and give him benedryl. Hopefully the swelling in his hand goes down soon.

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