Monday, June 6, 2011

Add a Little Sparkle to Your Water

It has been pretty hot here in Texas.

And when I mean hot, I mean like 102* during the day or more!

So staying hydrated is a top priority, but I really hate water sometimes.

So I came up with a recipe with sparkling water that is yummy and refreshing.

Raspberry Lime Sparkling Water: Fill glass with ice, squeeze half of lime over ice, add fresh raspberries, fill with sparkling water and garnish with lime wedge.

It’s as simple as that!


And to stay cool in the heat the boys played hard in their pool in the backyard all day long.

Jacob was exhausted by the end of the day…


And Tyler was so tired that he became whiney. Almost looks like he is faking it huh?


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  1. This looks delicious right now! I've been on a sparkling water kick this summer!