Tuesday, October 23, 2012

new mama-mobile

Back in August I was starting to get new car fever. Bad.

I was really wanting to downsize a little, but not too much. My Suburban was amazing and had lots of room, but it was way too big most of the time with just two kiddos. Plus, I have always wanted a Tahoe.

So while we were in Dallas for a Rangers game we went to a few car lots to look and see if we found anything that we just fell in love with. After 4 different car dealerships and lots of talking and praying we found the perfect one. We worked everything out and it took about a week to get all the paperwork complete and my new car delivered to me. I have never had a brand new car before so I still get pretty excited when I get in and smell that new leather smell.

This was Betty. She was a good car that was with us through a lot. 

This is my new mama mobile and I have named her Ethel. Yes, I realize she looks very similar to Betty, but what can I say, I have a thing for white cars :)

The captain chairs make it so much easier to get people in and out of the 3rd row!

I love it that when we are parked I can watch movies with the kids :) And I never get lost anymore!

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