Tuesday, March 19, 2013

pedestal tables and a kitchen that needs some love

As I was cleaning my kitchen today I couldn't help but notice how horrible my kitchen and dining area look. It's not a big area and so you would think I would be able to do something with it and make it look pretty. But apparently not! Everything I do to it never comes out right. It's kind of depressing.

Here is my kitchen/dining room right now...

I know that it's not that bad and could be a whole lot worse, but when I think of my kitchen I think of someplace that is light and bright. Someplace I won't mind sitting for hours and blogging or drinking coffee. Someplace that makes people say "I love your kitchen". I also needed something that looked great with white appliances because that is what I have and can't justify replacing perfectly good ones (well except for the stove with the front glass that kind of fell off...). So naturally I started looking for some inspiration on Pinterest.

I had to add this kitchen at the top. I fell in love with it the moment that I saw it! I know that my kitchen differs from this one in several ways, but I can so see my kitchen looking like this. I love it!!

There is also this wonderful kitchen from Flower Patch Farmgirl.
Didn't she do a wonderful job? Her curtains are even made from old napkins!

This next one I found on Pinterest but could not find an original source. I really like the open cabinets as well as the chalkboard. Great for kids. And that farmhouse sink! LOVE!

(image via Pinterest)

Now when it comes to the dining room my table desperately needs to be refinished and my chairs need to be painted. But I will get to that eventually. Someday. Right now I am trying to figure out what I am going to do with the space. With it being so small it poses the challenge of making it functional and pretty.

I really like bench here. It adds something different and gives you one extra seat. I'm just not sure how it would look in my kitchen. My light is placed a little further out and I don't know if I could make the bench work if it were not flush up against a wall.

(image via Pinterest)

This one here is my favorite. My table looks almost exactly like this one. You know when it is refinished and all. But what I like most about it is that they left the table it's natural color. Which is exactly what I want to do! Seeing this makes me want to go refinish my table now! 

I also took this screen shot of my latest issue of Country Living Magazine
I am in love with this little dining nook!

(picture via my iPad)

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