Friday, March 1, 2013

my big hair reveal

Long time no blog! 

I can't believe that I have been so busy that I have not blogged in two weeks.

To be honest nothing exciting or interesting has really happened in those two weeks. Life has been kinda boring, just super busy. I'm not sure if you can be boring and busy at the same time, but that has been the case.

Well last time I posted I was posting about the great hair debate. I couldn't decide what to do with my hair. Did I want bangs? Did I want to cut it? I had been growing it out for three years. In that three years I only got trims and hadn't had any color on it in almost two years. It was so sad and lifeless. And almost always stayed in a ponytail.

I already had a hair appointment and the day had come. Finally! I was so excited. I got up early and got ready, dropped Tyler at school early so I could make it there on time and was on my way. Only when I got there my stylist didn't even show up! I was pretty bummed out about it. After whining to my husband and feeling sorry for myself for like 4.25 seconds I called a salon that was close and LUCKY ME! They could get me in with no appointment! Which is practically unheard of at this place. So I get there and it is a fancy place. Everyone was so nice and they got me back to my chair. I was sitting there when the owner of the salon came over and introduced himself. We talked for a minute and come to find out he was the one who was going to do my hair. Score! I was pretty excited at this point. So fast forward past the highlighting and hair washing. We talked about what I wanted to do with my hair and we went over options and this is what happened next....


We put my hair in a ponytail, measured out 11" and started cutting! Halfway through I won't lie, panic started to set in and I started to have second thoughts. But by then it was too late. It was a done deal. Seconds later he hands me my ponytail. My hair is officially chopped plum off. The next time I see what my hair looks like is after they were done drying and styling it. I didn't even sneak a peek! The best part was there were 5 people in the salon standing around waiting to see my reaction for the BIG reveal.

I absolutely LOVE IT!!!

The best part is now I can donate my hair to Locks of Love!!! This will be the second time that I have been able to donate my hair, the first one I blogged about here.

Here is a quick before and after look just so you can see. It is crazy how different I look and feel!

Here is a quick before and after look just so you can see. It is crazy how different I look and feel!

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