Thursday, March 14, 2013

san antonio mini spring break: day two

Good Morning! 

Saturday started out day two of our trip. This was our view from the hotel balcony. I know it wasn't white sand beaches, but I have to say it wasn't too shabby. That is the Tower of America in case you wanted to know :) 

The one thing that I love about vacation is breakfast. But not just breakfast... but breakfast with my husband! See the thing is on every other morning he leaves before daybreak and we never have a chance to eat breakfast together. Except on vacation. It is also the thing I miss the most when we come home. Well, that and not having to clean up the mess after breakfast. 

After breakfast we all piled into our cars and headed for the San Antonio Zoo! 

With a little rain along the way...

Tyler annoying this poor kitty cat

One of my favorite pictures! 

Mama and her boys

Icee break!

Love having family pics taken. 
I think it's wonderful to see how much the boys grow from year to year. 

Fun family photo in the car...

After the Zoo we went to Dave and Busters for lunch.

I followed Tyler around since he was smaller. Jacob ran off on his own and stayed gone the entire time only coming back for more money. He is so my kid! 

Between both of the boys we collected 2200 tickets.

Later that night we walked down to the river again for dinner. I have to say that it was way funner (is that even a word?) to walk everywhere. I like driving don't get me wrong, but I would love to live someplace that I could ride a bike or walk and be able to take wonderful pictures.

A view of the River Walk at night..

Tomorrow: day numero three of our mini spring break trip!

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