Saturday, September 4, 2010

Bedroom...Check! Paint...Check! Sponge...Check!

Today I started painting my bedroom. And I have to say boy! is it a lot of work! I am exhausted... and I only got 1 wall done! I am going to do at least a wall a day until the next three are done. It is a little harder to get done with two little ones running around acting like animals :)

I have had white walls since we moved in over 5 years ago and I wanted something different. Something versatile, so that if I wanted to change decor later on down the road I could. And these sponge painted walls seemed perfect!

*Disclaimer: Please excuse me for the messy bedroom*
This is my bedroom before I painted the walls. I had started with the base coat when I realized I forgot to take a picture. The color I used for the base coat was called Antique Beige (it's a Glidden color but I had them match it with Behr paint).

Another shot of the walls. Are they ugly or what?!?

It took me all day but one wall is complete! Yay!!! I like it. I know it's not the best job out there, but I did it and I am proud of my hard work :) The color I used for the sponge painting part is called Warm Caramel (it too was a Glidden color that I had them match with Behr paint). I used 1 part Warm Caramel paint with 4 parts Behr Faux Glaze. I then used a sea sponge that I had dampened (be sure to ring out all excess water) and used a paint brush to brush on the paint and faux glaze mix. Once it was on the sponge I just went to town sponging the wall! And here it is....

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