Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Date Night Recap

Sorry it took so long to get this up. It has been crazy busy around here the past few days. It started off hectic because some crazy white suprimist out west of town decided to have a standoff with police and shot two of our deputies. It was all made worse when I found out that my friend was out there, but he was okay. So I sat his wife, who is my friend as well for a while till her mom got there. *The standoff ended 22 hours later after the guy blew his house up and had a gun battle with police*. Besides that we had a wonderful date night!

I started off the date night by getting all prettied up for my hubby.
I did my hair and makeup so it would be perfect.


Our night started off by going to the next town over, just because that’s where all the good stuff is! We had decided we wanted to treat ourselves so we went one of the, if not the most expensive restaurants within 100 miles (that we know of). It is called the Garlic Press. It has a variety of eclectic dining (and yes, I did look up eclectic :). It was really funny… the brakes on my car were bad (we have since changed them) and sounded like grinding metal. We pulled into the parking lot that was right next to this really fancy cigar bar, so when we stopped and my car made that horrid noise everyone stopped what they were doing and stared. It was embarrassing, but funny at the same time. And the whole time we were waiting on our table Michael kept joking about stealing someone else's reservation :) (Have you seen Date Night yet?)

The meal was perfect! Michael had the Ribeye with Lobster and Truffle Butter, it was so good tender that it melted in your mouth, and I had the Hawaiian Opah with a Cilantro Citrus Glaze paired with the Babich Sauvignon Blanc. It was the only fish I have ever eaten that has not had a hint of fishy taste at all! It was delicious!


After dinner we went to see The Other Guys with Will Ferrell and Mark Whalberg. I have to say that it was HILARIOUS! It is your typical Will Ferrell movie.. It centers around two NYC detectives that want to be big macho cops, but are just referred to as ‘the other guys’. You should really see it!

That was our wonderful date night! Can’t wait until for the next one :)

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