Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Playing with Paint

Today I was playing around with the Sherwin-Williams color visualizer and a picture of my living room. My friend, Fern, that had came over to help me suggested some colors that would look good on my living room walls and I tried them out on a picture I took today. They won’t be these exact colors, but they will be pretty close.

Please forgive the sloppy lines on the painting. They make it really hard to “paint” on those things :) I have to say that I really like the way that the colors came out on the picture.I did paint the curtain the color that I want my curtains to be and I painted my front door. I have not decided whether I want a black door or a red door. And the fireplace mantle will be a different color as well, but I was only allowed to paint 5 things at a time *sigh*

Living Room

The colors that I used on the walls today were: Sherwin-Williams #6201 Thunderous and Sherwin-Williams # 7017 Dorian Gray and the trim in Sherwin-Williams # 7008 Alabaster.

I am hoping to have the walls painted and at least the floors in by Christmas. But…. I’m not going to hold my breath :)

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