Thursday, September 16, 2010

Date Night

I have to start off by saying if you have not seen the movie Date Night yet… you must! I thought it was absolutely hilarious. But I am a big Tina Fey and Steve Carell fan! It is defiantly a movie any married couple can relate to who is wrapped up in work and parenting.


And speaking of Date Night… Michael and I are going on our very own date night tomorrow night! I have to say that I am super excited to have an evening with my overworked husband… with no kids! Do you know how long it has been since we had a night, just us enjoying ourselves and then not having to come home to baths or bedtime stories? Me neither! It’s been that long!

Everyday when he gets home the kids rush him and are by his side until bedtime and in-between me trying to talk over the kids, his phone rings NON STOP! I know it is all part of owning your own business, but it is so hard to have a conversation with the constant ringing. So tomorrow night there will be no phone calls incoming or outgoing (unless there is an emergency involving the kids of course), and no talk of work or kids, it’s going to be amazing!

Tomorrow after I drop Jacob at school I am going to look for a new dress to wear out. I know it may sound kind of lame, but I want to have a new dress so I can look my best for my husband. He doesn’t see me all dressed up very often so I want to look UH-MAZING for him. So on top of the new dress, I am going to go tan, do my hair and fix my makeup all pretty. I think I may go get one of those 98 color eye shadow kits from Ross for like $4.99 so I can have a broader color palette.

I am going to take my camera so Saturday I can post our date night recap! I have to say I am sitting here wondering where we are going to go eat?!? I do know that we are going to go see The Other Guys with Will Ferrell (Michael loves him).

Eeeeeeee! I’m so excited! I can’t wait!!!

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