Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A different kind of beauty


Here in West Texas while driving down roads of small towns you see a lot of these kinds of houses. Most of them are not in this good of condition though. There is something about an old run down abandoned house that makes me want to break out my camera. I have passed this house many many times as I drive the 62 mile trip to see Michael at work. Today was a special trip… the sole purpose of the trip was to take this picture…and I am so glad that I did. When I look at this house I wonder what kind of family lived in it? For how long? Why did they end up moving? Did they have any kids that played in the yard or a dog that chased birds? So many things run through my head. I know people that are not from around here wonder how we can see tumbleweeds, mesquite bushes and run down houses as beautiful… but to us they are beautiful time capsules that show us a glimpse of history.

Ps… Like my font I was trying something new with Windows Live Writer :)

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