Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Gingerbread House That Almost Was


Everything started off really well. I got all the contents out of the box and laid them out for the little monsters to see what we were going to be dealing with. Doesn’t look too complex right? And they are already asking me if they can eat it!


The frosting was easy enough to make… you just pour the contents into the bowl and add 5 tablespoons of warm water and mix for 2-3 minutes.


I got the house put together and made sure to use more than enough frosting so it would be pretty sturdy. We let it dry… okay who am I kidding! They wanted to decorate it NOW!


The decorating began… we made a door and a window. I know that they are not the prettiest but the little monsters loved it! And they only ate every other piece of candy instead of every piece!


And they did not want any help!


We had it almost done… and then… DISASTER STRUCK! Our house that we worked so hard on just collapsed. I was pretty devastated… the boys on the other hand…


… had to force a frown because they were so excited that they got to finally eat it!


They should really put a disclaimer on these things, because what looks so easy on the box… is not so easy in reality!


  1. Awww sorry about your boys gingerbread house but at least they got to eat some candy! Just last week I was in my daughter's preschool class making the exact same gingerbread house with the kids and it kept coming apart too! I must have put it together 10 times... I never did find out if it finally stayed together when it dried or not :)

  2. They are super hard to get to stay together, and the frosting dries so quick you can barely pipe it out before it's rock hard. We will just try again next year :) The most important thing is they had fun and got to eat it in the end.