Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Very Merry Christmas, Part I

Thanks to Michael’s great choice in presents this year, our living room is getting a much needed makeover. I got some new furniture, well new to me furniture {the best part is the sofa reclines!!!} and soon I will have a brand new used cowhide rug to cover my concrete floors and cowhide throw pillows to match. I can’t wait to get it all pieced together! It will be a slow process seeing how I still need to finish the walls, do something with the floors, replace light switch covers and find me some window treatments. Whew! It exhaust me just thinking about it all.


I’m not a recliner kind of person, but this one is so comfy, it just hugs you all over!


This was taken today. I had to rearrange everything when I took down the tree. You know looking at this picture, I am not digging the Brandied Pear colored walls. Maybe it is just the flash, because they do not look like that in real life. They are not near that white, more like an off white.


This picture is more like what our walls look like. The lighting looks really bad, but the color is truer {is that how you spell that?} to what the actual walls look like.

Living Room1

Becca, I hope you liked this post, because it is just for you! :)

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