Monday, December 27, 2010

He Just Pretends to Ignore Me

I am planning on getting a few pictures up from Christmas here in the near future, but in the meantime I had to tell you about the wonderful gifts I received from my dear, sweet Michael this year.

To be honest I had no clue he had been listening to me go on and on for months about all the little camera gadgets I wanted. But boy was I wrong! Here I am in all my natural beauty opening my stocking on Christmas Eve…


And this is what I found inside: a Canon lens cleaning kit, the lens hood that I have been wanting, a UV filter, a Hoya polarized filter and a cordless remote! I was so excited when I saw that he had been listening to me all this time.


And………. drumroll please………… I finally got to order the camera bag I have been dying to get! I ordered the Lola bag by Epiphanie two days ago and I am still squealing with excitement! Eeeeeekkkkk! There is only one down side… wah wah wah… she won’t be here until APRIL 8th!!! I’m praying for a tiny miracle that they by chance arrive early. It could be worse though, the customer service lady, Lauren, that I talked to said that when these sell out that there may not be another shipment until the summer of 2011. So here I am, patiently… well probably more impatiently waiting for April to arrive

epiphanie_lola{Photo courtesy of Google}

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