Monday, March 21, 2011

The Little Kitchen That Could

It’s no secret that I want to sell our house move to a smaller town. But for now I will have to love my house. Before we sell though, I will have to completely redo my house. I have the want to, I just seem to start on one room, finish it halfway and move on to a new one. That is not working for anymore. I need to complete the ones I have already started before I move on to any new ones. I know you have all seen pictures of my kitchen, but just in case you have not here are a few to help you see what I am working with.

I know exactly what I want to do.

I can close my eyes and see it so clearly.

Everything from the white farmhouse sink to the smell of a fresh baked peach pie.

Maybe even have white cabinets?!

kitchen1 (2)

I will be able to hear the kids playing in the backyard while I cook dinner.

I can see us all sitting around the table enjoying a family meal.

Defiantly lighter colored walls…

kitchen (2)

I would love to have an old screen door to put up between the kitchen and the {tiny} laundry room.

Defiantly a table running along the wall where the microwave now is to hold little nick nacks.


I want my kitchen to be a space that is inviting and cheerful. Someplace that we can sit and eat breakfast as a family on Saturday mornings. Where the kids can stand on a stool and help me cook, a place where they can drop eggs on the floor. I want a kitchen that we can make memories in!

photo_9{The Old Painted Cottage}

{The Pioneer Woman’s Kitchen}

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