Friday, March 25, 2011

Photo Friday Week 12: Planning


It’s Photo Friday at Trina’s Blog again!

I am like a machine when it comes to planning things out, but when it comes to actually getting the majority of them done… that’s a different story. To help me with planning my week I have: my actual planner, the calendar on my iPhone and a miniature spiral notebook. It may seem a little overboard to some, but for me it works. Most people don’t understand how busy a stay at home mom can get. The one advantage my iPhone has is that I can set alarms to help remind me of appointments. I still revert back to my good ol’ trusty planner. At the end of the day it won’t crash, short out or accidentally delete my appointments.

Planning B

Next Week: Fools


  1. You and Danielle are great planners. I'm terrible at it! LOL

  2. Good photo ! It is a trick putting your plans into action but it's so fun when you can finally cross something off your list !