Friday, March 25, 2011

Ready for a Slow Down

These days life has gotten way to busy. Which will be obvious when you see my Photo Friday Challenge picture. It seems like we are always running from one side of town to the other and from place to place. I am ready for a slow down.

I know life will never totally slow down, but I want to slow it down enough that we can enjoy the small things.

Things like… all four of us sitting down at the table for a meal or picking fresh vegetable from the garden while the kids play. And not be too exhausted at the end of the day to play cops and robbers with them.

Most importantly, I want to slow life down enough that I get to enjoy my kids while they are still small. There will come a day that they won’t be so small.

I don’t want to miss a minute of their precious lives.

I want to make my own jam and have a homemade meal on the table {almost} every night. I would really like to learn how to make homemade pie crust! Finish my house so we can move to a smaller, slower paced town. All of the things I have been dreaming about.

It’s time!

My blog will be going through a transformation too. It is going to reflect me and my life way more than it has. I am ready to be me and show y’all who that is.

Boys Mud

Here are my precious boys today in the backyard. It amazes me how something as simple as mud can entertain these two for several hours.

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