Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I {Heart} My New Camera Bag

I have been wanting a new camera bag since I first got my camera back in June. Originally I purchased one from Epiphanie, but decided to cancel my order since they would not even ship out until April {but will eventually get one}. So, I headed over to Jo Totes and fell in love with the teal Rose tote. But sadly, they were sold out as well. So I checked back every so often and they were going to be in stock! I {im} patiently waited for them to go on sale and bought one first thing.

Then the hardest part came… waiting for it to be delivered!

But yesterday, when I was least expecting it, the doorbell rang.

And there was! The mailman with a box in his hands that read ‘A Very Special Delivery’. I couldn’t wait to tear her open, but first I had to photograph my journey. Plus, what super cute bag doesn’t deserve it’s own photo shoot?

Here is my very special delivery


Here she is all put together and customized. I am beyond excited that my camera has a new cozy home.


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