Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Everyone Needs A Few

Super cute camera bags that is!

I am not a big time photographer or anything… I just happen to be a wannabe with a fancy camera who loves a cute bag.
I do have hopes that someday, maybe, I will be good enough that people want to pay me to take a few pics here and there. I just have a looong way to go before I get there.

I currently have the Jo Totes Rose Tote in Teal. She has been a really good bag. All the other bags in my closet are jealous because of all the fun places she gets to go. Rose has plenty of room for all of my camera accessories plus more. Right now in my bag is: my Canon T2i with 18-55mm lens, 55-250mm lens, polarized filter, cleaning kit, lens cleaning cloth, USB cables and remote. I know I don’t have as much as some, but I can fit so much more in with no problems. The only downside to this bag is that she is waay to big to carry as a camera bag/handbag for my liking.


I would love to have this beautiful Mimi bag from Kelly Moore. I am not a big fan of purple… sorry… lavender, but I love it on this bag. She is a bit pricier than the Jo Tote at $199. I have never seen one in person, but from the looks of things she seems to be quit roomy and seems to hold a lot. The best part is that it could also double as a handbag!


Then there is Lola from Epiphanie. Lola is stylish, functional and she is the beauty that I just ordered today. Yippie! 
Ever since I laid eyes on her a year ago, I knew that I needed one. I tried everything. I entered my name in every giveaway possible with no luck. So finally, after a year of waiting {and them being in stock}, I broke down and ordered her! She should be here in a couple of days {I paid for rushed shipping} and I couldn’t be more excited.
And even though I have never seen one in person, but I have seen many pictures and know that I will just love her…
my camera will too!


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