Monday, September 5, 2011

Makeshift Mudroom

After school started I had a problem. Not a huge one, but one that needing a solution.  

That problem was my kids walking in the door after school and throwing their backpacks and lunch boxes on the floor. Not only did they get dog hair all over them, they were kinda in the way.

I needed a place to hang backpacks or lunchboxes, then it hit me! A mudroom would be perfect! Only problem was I do not have a mudroom and the lack of space for one creates and even bigger problem.

Hobby Lobby to the rescue!

And this was what I came up with…


I want to make cute little tags for these baskets, I just have not figured out what to put in them yet…


I have to say that I absolutly love it!


I did move it to another wall {which I wish I would have taken a before and after of because it is a HUGE difference}. And I changed purses… again.




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