Thursday, September 22, 2011

My Epiphanie

I have been searching for the perfect camera bag FOR-EV-ER. I wanted something super functional that would allow me to carry all my gear {trust me it’s not a lot} or to take with me on day trips with the kids. I also wanted it to be stylish and not scream camera bag. I had googled {I use it for everything} ‘cute women’s camera bags’ and came across Epiphanie. I instantly fell in love with Lola. She was everything I ever wanted to in a camera bag. And she was red. She was also cute, stylish and functional. But boy was she a hot item! I waited for as long as I could and decided to go ahead and get Rose from Jo Totes. She has been a wonderful camera bag, but I still really wanted Lola… and she was in stock!!

I did have a problem today. I had been tracking my UPS shipment and when I got home from lunch it said that my package had been delivered. Problem was, it was nowhere in sight! Panicked I started walking down my block and found both of my packages on the doorstep of a house 3 doors down. They had mistakenly dropped off the packages at the wrong house! So I swooped them up and went home hoping that no one was going to call the cops on me. I am so glad that I went looking because…

I ABSOLUTLY LOVE THIS BAG! She really is just as beautiful in person. First thing you see when you open the box is the brightly colored dust bag. All you have to do is unzip that dust bag and there she it! There she is in all her red glory with a camera charm hanging down. The material on the inside soft and the dividers can be taken out and customized any way you want them. I have actually been setting it up and taking it out trying to find the perfect fit. And the best part is I can throw in my wallet and use it as a handbag as well :)

I can’t believe how padded the shoulder strap is either! Almost all of the camera bags I have had became uncomfortable at one point or another due to the fact that the shoulder straps were so thin and dug into my shoulder. Definitely not a problem with this bag.

Overall… this is the perfect bag. I love everything about it. The look, the color, the style, the comfort, the size, how it protects all my gear and how it can double as a handbag. Definitely a WIN in my opinion. I know I am not a big time photographer or anything, but I can say that if I was… this bag would be my IT bag!














  1. That is a super cute camera bag!! Love it!! Looks like it could definitely double as a purse.