Sunday, January 22, 2012

a week with sick babies

This last week was definitely chaotic.

We started off the week with an extra two days off from school. We got haircuts and I got to work on making my cash envelopes (more on that in another post :)) We had lot’s of fun together!

Then came Wednesday.

I woke Jake up to get ready for school and he was crying because his head hurt. Now, I know he can be dramatic so at first I was skeptical. But he was running a 101* fever so it was off to the doctor instead of school. Come to find out my poor guy had strep! Then came the fun part. As we were walking out they reminded me that it was time for Tyler’s 4 year checkup. As I was looking at a calendar to schedule they suggested that they just get me right back in and get it over with. No biggie right? WRONG! He needed not one, not two, but 3 SHOTS! So here I was with kiddo with strep and one that just got his arms and legs poked.

Thankfully everyone (including mommy) was much better when we were able to lay down and watch TV. So far it looks like mommy and daddy have dodged the bullet and did not catch what Jacob had. Sadly, I have to take Tyler back to the doctor tomorrow. He has been running a low grade fever and coughing non stop for 3 days :(

xx Praying for a mostly sick free week xx

Here is a look at my week through instagram eyes…

{Tyler getting ready to get his hair buzzed off}

{Jacob hooked on his Lego Wii game}

{Cash envelope trial run}

{Iced vanilla soy latte. Yum!}

{My baby boy}

{A very sick Jacob}

{This stays attached to my bank card at all times}

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