Sunday, March 1, 2009

Ready for Spring: Part 1

Last night my hubby came home from working all day and he wanted to go look at chainsaws?!? That's a man for you! Well I lucked out because they also had all of their lawn and garden stuff out and it sent me into a brainstorming whimsey.

Just a little background: We bought our house just after we got married 4 years ago and with 1 boy born shortly after that and the 90 hour work weeks and then another baby we really havn't had time or money to much of anything with it. So we have started on the little things.

The weather is warming up nicely here so my friend and I are starting the whole 'spring cleaning' thing. I have to get fertalizer and grass seed to spread throughout the front and backyard to help fill in the dead spots and make it green and luch again. And since we dont have a dog anymore I am getting rid of the dog house that takes up half the porch. Then the bushed need to be trimmed and the trumpet vines need to be cut down so I can plant my garden.

We love to grill so I am going to fix up my porch so we can sit out there and then get a sandbox for the kids. But those are my visions as of now...Oh ya, I can't forget we are going to finish painting the living room!

After the store we went to eat and ended the night at our friends house having a heated re-match of monopoly. The guys ended up winning....again! And i'm not sure how because we had so much But I have to say there is nothing like a few beers and a game of monopoly with friends!

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  1. I can honestly say, my husband has never told me he wanted to go look at chainsaws! Glad you had fun playing Monopoly, I love board games! The shrimp cocktail looks good, my mom saw it when I pulled it up at her house and she's planning on making it. Cause everyone else likes seafood, just not me:)