Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Got started on the backyard today!

Update: I got what I could cut down from my side of the fence and saw that my neighbors were home so I went to talk to then about cutting down the parts on their side. We don't know each other that well so I was afraid that she would say no. She was really nice and I spent 30 minutes over there talking to her son while I cut down all that I could from her side. Her husband came outside and told me that this weekend he would cut down the two that were on his side of the fence. Yay! Tomorrow I am going to cut the parts that have grown into my yard for him. I am so excited that they will be gone.

Here are a few pictures of my backyard today. I have started working on it becuase you can see how bad it looks. There is so much junk back there that I feel like the biggest pack rat. I can't wait to have a backyard that the kids can play in and a porch that I can relax on.

This is a picture looking at the porch. I have a new screen door sitting in my garage that I am going to try to put on myself before I ask my husband to do it. We have 2 one of them is going in the garage sale or to one of his friends. The dog house is going to be torn down and thrown away since we do not have any dogs anymore. The stove is going to go in the trash. It's been almost 6 months since I got a new one. There is some firewood on the side that you can't see that I will be moving further back. I am going to trim back the trumpet vines that are hanging over the fence from the neighbors yard. There is another small spot in the far left corner by the door that we are going to concrete in and put the grill over there. And where the grill and the dog house are is where I am going to put my patio furniture. And eventually I would like to screen the porch in...but that is for another time.

These are the bushes that blooms really pretty purple flowers when it rains or it is going to rain. They just need to be trimmed back since there is no way we are going to be able to pull them out anytime soon. Maybe we can find a clever way to get them out.

This is the trumpet vine that I have been working on today. Granted, it is really pretty in the summertime but I really want to plant a garden in this little area.

This is what I have done so far. I had to stop and wait on the neighbors to get home becuase I have to see if it is okay to cut down the part that is on their side on the fence. I do not want it to grow back and I am hoping that they won't have a problem with it. It was a ton of work becuase there were so many vines inertwined that it was hard to find where one began and the other ended. Then I have to water the roots so we can dig them up. After this I only have one more to cut down! Yay!


  1. I ran my McAfee scan, and it removed over 2,000 viruses that had popped up! {{My subscription was up so I had to renew it}}...But now it is working like new again! ;)

    Ashley Nichole.

  2. By the way, I love the new header. It's so nice and personalized. I am thinking of making a new header for my own blog but I want to make a crafty hanging type thing for kiddo's room with a tree, branches, and birds that I would then take a picture of and use for my header. I haven't seemed to get around to it yet tho.