Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Brrr! It's Cold Outside and We're Hungry!

We made plans yesterday to go to lunch with Courtney and Laney...we just didn't know it was going to be 30* and raining outside. But we kept our plans and I picked Courtney and Laney at their house. Laney had a new carseat that is forward facing so we were all excited because she could be just like one of the 'big kids'. By the time we got car seats in and everything we were both soaking wet and freezing cold. The kids were happy to see each other and talked and screamed at each other. Jacob wanted chicken and fries from Chili's so that is where we went. The kids were really well behaved and made a huge mess...but we all had a good time. By the time we got done with lunch the rain had started again and we still had to go to Albertson's for milk (it was 10 for $10). By the time we leave it's raining even harder so we hurry up and get the kids in the car and head home to warm up next to a toasty fire.

Laney in her new pink jacket and Tyler hiding behind his sippy cup.
Tyler and his big brother Jacob.

Laney looking all purdy in her furry pink jacket!

Tyler trying to pet Laney's jacket. He thought it was great that it was fuzzy.

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  1. Isn't Chili's a good place to take kids! They are so understanding and the know what kids like. Mine loves it there, especially cause eating out means chocolate milk! She likes the food too, and they have a nice variety of sides. She just loves corn on the cob.

    Just wanted to say WOW on the milk price! With two boys I am sure you go through it.

    Oh and I wanted to make sure I told you I like the St. Patty's Day look! I can see it already, you'll be changin' it up for all the seasons. So cute and fun.