Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Salad and Sunshine

There is nothing better on a warm day than a nice cold refreshing salad and a glass of sweet tea. Today for lunch I sat down and enjoyed lunch with boys. I couldn't help but notice how nice it is outside so I am going to go work on the backyard for a little bit. Right now it is 84* outside! I know I live in Texas and it is supposed to be hot, but so early?!? The first day of spring isn't until the 20th but I think it has come early this year. The trees are blooming and the flowers are looking so pretty. I don't want to get too excited about the nice weather though because every year we have atleast on really hard freeze right before or right after the start of spring. Plus I have to make room for that new patio furniture!


  1. Hi, Tonja, it's very nice to meet you, thanks for stopping by. I'm so glad you like my blog too & I hope you'll come back often. I'd love to be your buddy! The problem is I just can't get around to visit all of you all the time, like I would like too. There are just too many of you now, but I really try to get to know many of you. So I hope you'll post often!

  2. Your salad looks so good and healthy I'm rethinking the pizza I just ate for dinner! Oh well, I bought salad stuff so tomorrow I'll try to do better. These comments are all scattered around the place, but I wanted to make sure I said good for you tackling all the outdoor stuff!