Monday, May 23, 2011

Backyard Garden Progress

For the past two months I have been eager to get my garden planted. This is the latest I have ever done a garden. Usually I have my plants in the ground by the middle of March, but not this year. With Easter falling so late it was hard to get it done when I wanted it to. By this time my plants are usually huge and producing lots of veggies.

This was my garden in June 2009


Anyhoo… after Michael got off work he got started on cutting the wire fencing for my garden. And it would have gone by so much quicker if Michael would just listen when I call :) I reminded him to bring home the bolt cutters, but he forgot. So he had to cut it with a hacksaw. It was great to be outside with all my boys and spend time together. Now, I really didn’t do much work, but I did what I do best and took pictures. Here are some pictures from the work we did tonight.

The boys were playing like this… {my boys don’t believe in clothes, so sadly they are only in their underwear}.


And it turned to this...

Tyler CryB

But Daddy’s kisses make it all better!

Tyler DaddyB

Baylee thought she would help out.
She then decided to just lounge around.

Baylee Tape Measure

And with a face like this there is no way you can be mad!


The 16 feet of wire fencing we began with…

Wire Fencing 2

This will definitely keep Baylee out and maybe even the kids!


Then we cut it in half… well Michael did.
I just stood there and took pictures.

Wire Fencing 3

He measured and re measured.

Wire Fence 6

Then he bent it to make smooth corners.

Wire Fencing 4


Wire Fence 7

Now I can plant my veggies knowing that Baylee will not dig them up.
I also smoothed out the soil to make it look pretty.
{See in that back corner… that is where the chicken coop will go :) }

Wire Fence 8

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