Friday, May 13, 2011

Photo Friday Week 19: UP!


Now that blogger is working again it’s Photo Friday at Trina’s!

This week the theme is UP! And all I could think about were the pesky birds that are in my driveway all day long eating the deer corn from a bag that broke. It really is insane how many birds there are.

And well, as you know birds fly UP in the air. And that is as creative as I was this week. Sad I know.

So head on over to Trina’s to see all the other creative photos for this week.


Next Week: Anger


  1. Hehe! I love that sometimes we have to REACH but it gets us thinking outside the box. Nice :)

    Next week you can take a photo of yourself getting ANGRY at all those birds :) haha

  2. Wonderful photo...good job !
    We have a lot of birds around us but it's been so hot lately, you just see them in the early morning and sometimes when it starts to cool off in the late afternoon.

  3. Birds scare me!! LOL I am glad they are "UP"