Saturday, May 14, 2011

I {Heart} the Country

Oh how I wish I could describe just how much I absolutely love being in the country.

It is so peaceful…. and quiet.

I am oh so ready to leave the hustle and bustle of the our somewhat big city. And I think that Michael would actually agree with me.

I dream of the day that I need a riding lawnmower to tackle the yard, or am able to grow veggies without worry.

Oh that would be the life!

Here is a pic of my table centerpiece right now. Yes! They are fake.
P.S. See the red walls? I am going to paint them as soon as I get done with the living room.
What color you ask? That I am not sure of yet.


I would love a house on LOTS of acres and a relaxing porch!

{Source: Hunting}

Who doesn’t love a country table?
{I actually have one of these in my garage waiting to be refinished}

{Source: The Feminist Housewife}

Or a light, bright and open kitchen…

{Source: Google}

  I am eager to be able to have some chickens…

{Source: A Dash of Sass}

So I can have fresh eggs!

{Source: A Dash of Sass}

Maybe even have one of these…


And you can’t forget some of moo cows!

{Source: Google}

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