Friday, May 6, 2011

Photo Friday Week 18: Mother

This week is a hard challenge for me. I guess that is why they are called challenges, huh? I was not sure what I was going to post, and honestly just wanted to opt out this week. This Sunday is Mother’s Day and, well… me and my mother do not get along. At all. I would prefer to just not talk to her if I don’t have to. It’s sad I know, but I promise I am not being unreasonable. And when this weeks challenge came up I was scared. But then I remembered, I am a mother! I don’t have to post something about my mother! Now I feel better about it.


You should head on over to Trina’s blog to see all the other wonderful Mother photos.
After all it is just a blog hop away!

Here is a picture, the only one I have, of my wonderful mother in law. She is an amazing woman who loves God and is always there for you. I am glad that I have her to look up to. Maybe she won’t be too upset that I posted her picture on the internet :)


Next Week: UP!

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  1. I have a great mother in law too! I was always afraid of ending up with the MIL from HELL, but I really got some great in laws, they are like my second parents.