Sunday, May 8, 2011

Wonderful Weekend

What a glorious weekend!

I hope that all you mothers had a blessed Mother’s Day!

Now, I know, I am an awful person. I left my camera bag at home today. I feel horrible. So the boys and I are going to take pics together at the park later this week. I need some good ones. And I am going to make my sweet hubby take some too!

Oh my church was wonderful today. I needed to hear the message today. Have you ever felt like there is no one else in the church and there is a huge spotlight on you as he speaks, well that was me today. It really helped me see things in a different way. I am trying to be the Godly mother my children need and deserve, but for some reason I feel like I am falling short.

I thought I would share a few pics I took over the weekend…

On Friday the storm clouds started moving in and they looked so beautiful, but sadly they never brought any rain. It just like mother nature to play tricks on us. Sigh.


Saturday we had Jake’s swim lessons. He is doing so much better than he was in the beginning. He is growing up so fast. Soon he will be a little Michael Phelps.

While we waited I snapped a couple of pics of Tyler. He is such a little ham. And I you got to love the whole picking the nose thing! Boys will be boys.


Tyler asked for my sunglasses because the sun was in his eyes.


My poor baby looks like he needs to eat a cheeseburger! And I know I may sound like a broken record, but I am just so proud of him and how well he is doing. Just a few short weeks ago he would barely get in the water.



  1. Sounds like a wonderful weekend!!!! Love the pictures too, lady! Happy mothers day to a woman that feels like me daily raising two boys!!!! lol

  2. I amn, I SO wish I was swimming in that pool!!! Sounds like a lovely weekend! Glad to see you joined the flip flop swap, it is gonna be lots of fun!!