Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Simpler Life


A while back, I think it was in March, I said I was ready for a slow down {you can read it here}. I jotted down that my blog was going to go through a transformation, and well I think I am ready for the transformation to start.

My main goal if for my family to start living a simpler way of life. And when I say simpler life, I mean everything about our lives. From the things we eat to the things we buy… or don’t buy.

A few months back my friend gave me a book called Enough by Adam Hamilton {who is a pastor}. It talks about discovering joy through simplicity and generosity. So far I am very pleased with the book. The author also presents some reasons that we overspend, and how to strategically overcome these problems, firstly discovering what our purpose in life is, then setting goals for our life and then developing a plan.

Now, I will be the first to admit… I have a spending problem! I am doing much better and have not spent any money in over a week! For some reason I have always felt the need to try and keep up with the Jones’. But man it sure is exhausting, time consuming and cost way to much money!

Learning to live on a budget had been way harder than I thought it would be. I can not believe how much money we spend on things we don’t really need. It’s really kinda sad. But you know what? Since I have quit spending so much I have realized that I do not miss spending that money, not one little bit.

I want my blog to reflect the changes I am making our lives.

My blog is going to be more about me and my family, my photography, the changes I am making to my house and the cost effective ways I am doing that, gardening and more quick and simple recipes. {And possibly a name change to reflect the new blog style.}

I hope that you will follow me through my journey to simplicity!

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