Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My Little Boy is Growing Up

Yesterday was Tyler’s first day of Mother’s Day Out.

And boy oh boy was he excited! We were up early,had clothes on and he was about to drag me out of the house. He really thought we were going to be late for his 1st day. I am so happy that my little man is going to ‘school’ two days a week and gets to learn about Jesus.

Here are a few pictures from our morning…


{Tyler talking to his Daddy on his way to school}




{Tyler ready for class}

When I picked Tyler up from school they told me that he was a perfect angle. Tyler was polite, well behaved, picked up messes, ate all of his lunch and took his nap like he was supposed to. It’s like he was a different child! And he is so excited to go back on Friday.

I want that sweet, well behaved boy at home too!


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