Friday, July 10, 2009

103* and a Bee Sting

We went back to the pool with our cousins on Wednesday. Honestly, for the life of me I can't figure out why... it was 103* outside and the sun was just brutal. It wasn't so bad underneath the shaded umbrella, but we had to move after the bees started swarming and stung Jacob. It was awful! But he soon forgot about his sting and went about his swimming. We had a balst, but in the end we were all exhausted from the heat and Tyler was beet red with a sunburn despite his SPF 50 sunblock and as I write this my stomach is still a little red. And the funny part is we plan on going back this weekend. Here are a few pics from our swim playdate... Enjoy!

Getting the boys ready to jump in the pool.

Tyler waiting his turn.

The pool

The kids attacked Joe!

Jacob's bee sting... it barely left a mark!

Back to all the fun after getting checked out by the staff.

Tyler was being a big boy and going up the slide himself...

Even puching other people out of the way...

He loved being at the top...

And he's ready for pushoff...

Weeee! And down he went. And we did that for 45 minutes!

The weather was a lot nicer than last time... but I was hopin' for clouds. It was 103* when we left and was scorching.

All tuckered out after a long day.

Jacob had to watch a movie when we got in the car. Then we headed to stars for a refreshing drink! Can't wait for another swim playdate!!!

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  1. GIRL there is NO way you need to lose weight, I remember that picture of your hot self in your new dress and now I see you're at the pool! You must have heavy bones or something because I can't see it at all☺

    Looks like a fun time was had by all!

    I see my friend Noelle came over to see you! I told her on the phone a day or so ago that she needed to come over and become friends with you because you both love changing your backgrounds ever few days, have boys, are super girly, and so much fun!

    BTW did you ever figure out the 100th post giveaway? Did I flake and forget to email ya' back about that?!

    PS: Are you on Facebook?