Sunday, July 12, 2009

Swimming and Dinner with Family

Today we decided it would be a good day to go to the pool since it was only going to be 94*... which is a lot better than the 104* it usually is. It was a special trip to the pool becuase Michael got to go with us. The boys really enjoyed having their daddy there. We even taught Jacob how to doggie paddle (with life jacket of course). After the pool we went home for a quick nap and then off yo our cousins house for a nice steak dinner.

Here is Michael... I think he needs a

He stood there for over 30 minutes catching Tyler as he went down the slide.

And Jacob too...

Got a farmers tan going on...

Here's me soakin up the sun.
I have to say that my eating healthier and exercise is paying off!!!

My handsome little man

Mommy and Jacob

Tyler was exhausted!

My little prince....ess?

Tyler's rockin' the boa with a runny nose and all.

My even bigger prince....ess?!?

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