Saturday, July 11, 2009

Pictures make it so clear....

That I need to do something with my bedroom and vanity area!

First off I would like to say PLEASE FORGIVE THE MESS! I am one of those that will throw everything on the bed, move it and then sort everything out.

Today I decided to move all my furniture around in my room hoping to make it look bigger. I succeded, but I realized it is just BLAH! I really need to add some color and figure out what I want to do. I know I want to add lime green somewhere to give it some pop.

This is the before picture of my bedroom... horribly messy I know.

And here is the after... I do realize I need to replace my blinds, paint my walls, get some curtians, get new bedding and maybe get some bedroom furniture! Geesh, I have a lot to do.

Here is all the floor space I have now! It's great because now I can do my workouts in the bedrrom and not worry about the boys bothering me.

Here is the vanity area that I want to paint lime green. I would also paint the wood vanity black and replace the lighting.

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